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A web presence is important for any business; this is particularly true for musicians. How do I decide whether or not to attend a show at The Lantern in Blacksburg, Virginia by a band or DJ I don’t recognize? I look them up online. A poor web presence or unappealing recorded tracks can easily dissuade me.

When I met Lorin Ashton of project Bassnectar in August of 2007, he was already a frequent MySpace blogger and a YouTube hit with a large following on the west coast, including what SF Weekly described as “The largest cult following of any DJ in San Francisco.”

Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar
Lorin was gaining Internet presence, and breaking in on the east coast.  He paints a picture of the music business today.

“Nobody makes money selling albums anymore,” Lorin explained, referring to the way the Internet changed the scene.  “So, the whole industry is adjusting, and the focus is back on live music and trying to sell out shows.”

Aware of this reality, Lorin uses his tracks and videos as promotional tools, saturating every outlet with content.  His website has links to MySpaceFacebook, YouTubeTwitter, and iTunes, plus two RSS feeds: one for his podcast, and one for a frequently updated blog.

Lorin’s music can also be found on LastFMPandoraImeem, and Grooveshark.

Lorin owes the internet (and his web-savvy marketing team) – much for his now widespread reach.  His 2007 album shows his devotion to the Internet as an activist tool and a means for spreading information with its web-loving title:  Underground Communication.

Today, Lorin sells out show after show in venues across the country both big and small.  We’ve heard rumors of a Blacksburg show in the Fall.  We will, of course, find out if they’re true online.


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