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Notes: Until business shows a significant market for those who want to automate their online voice, SocialGrindr seeks both those who want to source quality content without automation and those who do want to use this function. For this reason, I removed the word “Automated” from the main slogan and focused on a key benefit: saving time and energy. Text is added above the video to draw users in to view it. Also: SocialGrindr staff learn your particular brand in order to source the best content. I pulled this benefit out as the first step of the process and added the word “You” to the three steps to make them more personal and focused (“Launch” is not a benefit).

Managing your brand’s social media doesn’t have to be a full-time job.

Your brand always has something fresh and relevant to share. (place above the video)

Your SocialGrindr portal will find YouTube videos, blogs, podcasts and tweets perfectly suited to your audience. Automate your SocialGrindr to post content from trusted sources to your social media automatically.

Your social media, maintained… even when you do nothing.

What We Do:

1) Get To Know You
2) Find the Best Content for YOU
3) Automate Your Content


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