SocialGrindr 3rd Step

For the third step on SocialGrindr‘s webpage:

The client originally wanted to pitch SocialGrindr‘s automation feature as a key offering, yet listed it as optional so as not to lose those brands unwilling to automate content entirely. Business may show a significant market for fully automated social media, in which case the dual-offering should be nixed in order to highlight the key benefit more effectively. My client wants to test this, so for now the dual offering has been clarified, calling the content fed to customers but not posted automatically “semi-automated”. This terminology highlights the time-saving benefits of both offerings.

3) Automate Your Content

SocialGrindr learns your brand to find the content that’s best for you.

Automate your SocialGrindr, and trusted content posts automatically.

1) Automated content:  SocialGrindr will help you choose trusted sources whose content will publish to your multiple social media platforms automatically. You’ll be one of the first to share the freshest content this way, and you’ll ensure your social media outlets are maintained- even when you do nothing!

2) Semi-automated content:  SocialGrindr determines your business objectives to aggregate the content most relevant to your audience. Choose from this content on your mobile or web browser, and quickly and easily share across multiple social media platforms at once.

Combine automated and semi-automated content feeds to deliver relevant YouTube videos, blogs, podcasts and tweets to your audience.


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