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 A bullet about the clinics serves to strengthen the connection between SIRUM’s work and these numbers. SIRUM originally wanted to use the term “online community” here, but this isn’t really a social experience (what people expect when they read that term online).  The words “indigent” and “safety net” have been used interchangeably to describe both patients and clinics; these terms should should stick together for consistency: “indigent” always used to describe “clinics” and “safety net” used solely for “patients”.

What We Do:

Today in America…

· Of the 70 million uninsured, over 20 million report not filling prescriptions due to cost
· 50% of uninsured people take at least 1 prescription per day
· 1 in 3 uninsured people skip filling prescriptions due to cost
· The uninsured spend the same on 1 year of prescription drugs as 4 months of groceries
· Indigent clinics exist to help the uninsured, but shrinking budgets affect their ability to help.

Diagnosis: Access to prescription medicine is a barrier to health.

Meanwhile an estimated $9 billion of medicine and supplies goes to waste in the United States each year; this medical waste not only negatively impacts water safety and contributes to environmental pollution but also directly contributes to the nations soaring healthcare costs.

SIRUM’s Treatment: Harness technology to connect indigent clinics with donated drugs from manufacturers, wholesalers, and nursing homes.  


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