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Copy for SIRUM‘s “Our Impact” page

Each of SIRUM’s three key impact bullets are presented as collapsed titles which can be expanded for detail, so that on first look the page shows very little text and is focused solely on benefits. Key numbers are included in the large text at the bottom in addition to the numbers that tell the story under the second and third bullets. SIRUM had downplayed two key benefits as afterthoughts, but this copy sheds light on the total impact in a clear and complete way. Industry research was required to describe SIRUM’s impact in full.

Our Impact:

Better healthcare for uninsured Americans.

We empower indigent clinics to see more patients and provide better care.

Clinic physicians are able to prescribe the most appropriate medicines, rather than the cheapest.

Uninsured patients receive continuous, comprehensive, and integrated care, improving medication compliance and health outcomes.

Lower insurance premiums for all.

According to a study by the Institute for Health Care Studies, those with access to a clinic spend 25% less money on emergency room visits, 21% less money on hospital stays, and 38% less money at their pharmacy.  By donating surplus medicine and supplies, SIRUM makes clinic care accessible to more uninsured patients.

We pay a “hidden tax” in our insurance premiums to cover the $42 billion a year spent on care for the uninsured.

More cost-effective care for the uninsured = lower insurance premiums for all.

Curbed waste pollution and disposal costs.

Hundreds of tons of unused and unopened medicine and supplies are currently dumped or incinerated every year, polluting our air and water. $9 billion of usable medicine and medical supplies go to waste, with disposal costs pushing that number even higher and mounting atop our country’s already skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Over 47 million people are uninsured in the United States.

$9 billion of unusable medicine and medical supplies go to waste every year.

SIRUM’s goal: Save one million dollars worth of medicine and supplies from disposal to provide 25,000 uninsured people with better healthcare.

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