empowerME2… Finish a Race!

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empowerME2… Finish a Race!

If someone challenged you to train for a 5k, could you do it? How about a 10k? A half marathon? A marathon? A triathlon? Would you look at them like they were crazy?

Do you believe that, with training, anyone can finish a triathlon? Or that anyone could be a marathon runner?

Watch this video from Kenderick, a Youth Advisory Board member who completed a triathlon: something at first he thought he couldn’t do.

“Before the challenge, I was probably a kid who wouldn’t even think of doing this stuff. But now?  I did a triathlon. If I did a triathlon, I can do pretty much anything.”

Oprah Winfrey, Will Ferrell, George W. Bush, Al Gore and P. Diddy have all finished marathons. The 26.2 mile distance isn’t everyone’s Everest, but there IS a physical accomplishment YOU can work toward. Whether you finish a 10k, bike twenty miles, or run for 30 minutes without stopping, we know there’s a goal you could reach that might even change your self-perspective. WHEN (not if!) you reach your goal, tell us how empowered it made YOU feel!


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