Hanover Research Member Tarrant County College District Joins Hanover Grants

This press release was written for Hanover Research.

Hanover Research Member Tarrant County College District Joins Hanover Grants

WASHINGTON, DC—In addition to renewing their membership with Hanover Research, Tarrant County College District (TCCD) has launched a new membership with Hanover Grants. TCCD looks forward to exploring the synergies of their dual membership affiliation with Hanover, utilizing data-analysis research capabilities to help assist with projects relating to post-award grant evaluation. TCCD also seeks to broaden their pre-award development efforts and will use Hanover Grants to identify other funding streams that align with institutional initiatives.

Dr. David Wells, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, describes TCCD’s decision to join Hanover Grants: “Our decision to join Hanover Grants was inspired by the quality of work and the responsiveness on our requests as a Hanover Research member, the value of the research and the uses to which we were able to put it, and the opportunity to operate more efficiently—to acquire just-in-time and on-call research services at an economical cost without having to hire full time staff with its accompanying cost of salaries and benefits.” Hanover Research projects for TCCD have focused on competitive benchmarking, organizational strategy, surveying, and market evaluation thus far.

Dr. Wells continues, “Our goal is to secure help and support for our grants office by using Hanover Grants as a force multiplier for our current staff. This allows us to focus even more closely on supporting student success with our other efforts.” TCCD joins a growing list of members who use Hanover Grants to increase capacity and give support to existing staff.

“We are delighted to see TCCD become another organization to engage our grant development services because of their positive experience with Hanover Research,” responds Hanover Executive Director Gretchen Novak. “Both Hanover companies share a common, core value— put a team of experts at our member’s disposal so they get the support they need when they need it at an exceptional value.”
Established in 1965 when South Campus opened in Fort Worth, TCCD has five campuses throughout Fort Worth, Arlington and Hurst, Texas. Other sites include the TCC Opportunity Center, TCC Corporate Training Center AllianceTexas, and several learning centers. TCCD is the seventh largest college or university in Texas, in terms of enrollment.


Hanover Grants provides comprehensive grants support to the higher education community, public school districts, hospitals, healthcare organizations, municipalities and other non-profit organizations. All services are delivered on a fixed-cost, membership basis, with members receiving support on an unlimited number of sequential activities across the membership term. Areas of focus include: research-based grants prospecting; program development consultation; grant proposal development; and ongoing opportunity identification. To learn more, visit http://www.hanovergrants.com and contact Gretchen Novak, gnovak@hanovergrants.com.


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