Fifteenth Australian University Joins Hanover Research

This press release was written for Hanover Research.

WASHINGTON, DC—Hanover Research announced a new partnership with Flinders University, the 15th higher education institution to join its membership from Australia since Australian Catholic University first entered in 2007.

“Our researchers have a unique strength in their knowledge of international markets,” said Jessie Prentice, Director of Hanover Research. “Our Australian members value Hanover’s ability to conduct research uniquely relevant to them while providing insight into higher education across the globe.” Prentice expects international growth to continue. “Hanover is proving to be a key partner for the international universities most affected by globalization.”

David De Bellis, Head of the Planning Services United at Flinders, uses Hanover to build on internal research capacity. “Institutional research projects that had proven difficult to complete internally due to limited capacity have been completed efficiently and to an extremely high standard. Hanover added significant understanding, knowledge, and value.”

Thus far, Hanover has performed qualitative survey analysis for Flinders in addition to research focused on organizational benchmarking. De Bellis looks forward to continued success.

“The University has a number of important and exciting projects up for consideration and looks forward to continuing the positive trend with Hanover. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hanover to other higher education institutions.”


Hanover Research, a global research services firm, provides proprietary research of every possible variety to over 400 higher education institutions in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand. Services are delivered on a fixed-cost, annual basis, with member organizations receiving support on an unlimited number of sequential activities across their membership term. Areas of expertise include: market evaluation, surveying, data analysis, competitive benchmarking, and literature review. To learn more, contact Gretchen Novak at or call (202) 559-0045.


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