Hanover Performs Workforce Gap Analysis for University System of Georgia

This press release was written for Hanover Research.

WASHINGTON, DC—Hanover Research is currently engaged in the first stage of a multi-phase workforce analysis that will examine the composition of the Georgia labor market for the University System of Georgia (USG). USG oversees 35 colleges and universities across the state and is one of the most reputable system offices in the country.

Hanover is examining state- and regional-level occupational projections and industry trend data to identify high-demand, high-growth, and high-need occupations. In conjunction with these data, Hanover is examining trends in degree completions by credential level and subject area.

“The ultimate goal of the analysis is to identify potential ‘gaps’ in USG degree offerings as related to workforce demand,” explained Allyson Grennille, who is managing the research team assigned to this project. She continued, “Our work will help the System ensure that its institutions are offering a programmatic mix responsive to the current – and emergent – needs of their regional labor markets.”

USG’s Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Houston Davis, looks forward to upcoming research opportunities.

“USG is excited to be working with Hanover to advance our research, analysis, and planning work,” he said, sharing his enthusiasm about this new partnership. “Hanover is a proven partner to higher education institutions and systems all over the U.S. Having their expertise available as we work on strategic priorities will greatly enhance our efforts to reach our degree completion, economic development, and accountability goals.” This workforce analysis will be the first of many research projects Hanover will complete for the System this year.


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