Hanover Research Examines Effect of “Made In China” on Premium Brands

This press release was written for Hanover Research.

WASHINGTON, DC—Hanover Research examined the quality of products made in China and the perceptions that affect the impact of the “Made in China” label on premium brands. Many premium brands, including Apple, are currently being produced in China. Hanover found that both industry professionals and consumers perceive Chinese-made product negatively, and confirmed that for the most part product-quality does indeed suffer.

66 percent of business and marketing professionals surveyed said that the “Made in China” label hurts brands; the most common attribute assigned to Chinese-made products by these respondents was “cheap”. Notwithstanding the reality that country-of-origin has had no perceivable effect on many brands, the purveyors of these brands sometimes go to great lengths to conceal their connection to Chinese manufacturing.

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Hanover shows that despite this negative perception, Chinese exports, particularly within the manufacturing industry, have not declined. In fact, China’s share of imports into the U.S. has increased significantly in the past decade and several Chinese brands have made considerable value gains in recent years.

Hanover’s research confirmed the widely-held belief that many products made in China still suffer from poor quality. Still, many industry experts insist that manufacturing quality is attainable with time and effort dedicated to finding and nurturing relationships with high quality Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.

To learn more about the results and methodology of this report, contact Mike Dennis: mdennis@hanoverresearch.com.


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