Jumpstart Program to Open New Locations in 2012

This press release was written for Hanover Research.

WASHINGTON, DC—Jumpstart’s early education services will reach a wider audience in 2012 with the opening of new locations. The expansion will help further Jumpstart’s mission to help every child in America enter Kindergarten with the foundational reading and writing skills they need to succeed. The organization is working with Hanover Research to identify the communities where their services are in highest demand. Once the new locations are identified, Hanover Grants will identify local funders to support these new programs.

Around half of all children from low-income neighborhoods start first grade up to two years behind their peers. Statistics show that students who are still behind in third grade are at a greater risk of dropping out altogether. The expansion of Jumpstart will play a vital role in helping low-income and other in-need students in more communities start school prepared.

“Hanover offered the ability to combine significant grants information together with more bespoke work from their research arm in order to narrow down possible markets and then conduct detailed analyses,” said Paul Leech, Chief Operating Officer at Jumpstart. “The strategic new market analyses we asked Hanover to undertake required an understanding of both our business model and our strategy. Hanover quickly grasped exactly what we were looking for and delivered high quality research that exceeded our expectations. I have been impressed with how invested Hanover is in the work they have done for us; it feels like a true partnership.”


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