Research Supports Ambitious Goals for New Mexico Academics

This press release was written for Hanover Research.

WASHINGTON, DC—Santa Fe Public Schools has an ambitious goal to meet. The district will have to achieve at least a C-rating and graduate at least 70 percent of their students by 2015 in order to reach the targets laid out in their new strategic plan called “Choose Success.” The school district has partnered with Hanover Research to support this effort.

“Hanover has provided a wonderful resource for Santa Fe Public Schools in that our Public Education Department does not have a research department for districts to rely on for the most current research,” said Bobbie Gutierrez, Superintendent of Santa Fe Public Schools.

The five high level goals for the district include raising expectations to promote high academic performance at all district schools; recruiting and supporting highly qualified and effective personnel at every level and function; developing a culture of shared responsibility for student success by engaging families and the community; promoting a safe, sustainable, healthy and respectful school community; and ensuring that efficient and effective systems, operations, state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure are in place to support instruction and student learning.

“Hanover’s research will be extremely valuable to us as we create alternative programs, roll out the Common Core curriculum, develop comprehensive parent-involvement programs and much more,” said Gutierrez.

The full “Choose Success” strategic plan is laid out in a 50-page document available on the district website and here.


Hanover Research, a membership-based organization, collaborates with over 100 local school districts, regional education agencies, and state departments of education across the U.S. The goal of Hanover is to provide additional research capacity to participating members at a fixed, annual cost. Areas of focus include: program evaluation; surveying, administration and analysis; interviews with issue experts; data analysis; competitive benchmarking; and literature reviews on both curricular and operational topics. Visit us at or contact Sid Phillips, 202-559-0049,, to learn more.


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