Research Uncovers Potential of Regional Service Sharing

This press release was written for Hanover Research.

WASHINGTON, DC—In a recent report for Cuyahoga County Educational Service Center (ESC), Hanover Research explores the potential of regional shared services as a method of reducing costs and increasing service quality. Hanover examined the structure and outcomes of regional shared service arrangements, including relevant survey and operational data, profiles of regional shared service organizations, and examples of ad hoc shared service arrangements.

“The Shared Service report was a critical source of research used in planning and preparing a grant proposal for a regional shared service model. Regardless of grant funding, the ESC will utilize the information from Hanover in internal capacity building and planning for shared services,” said Jennifer Dodd, Coordinator of Research and Planning for the Cuyahoga ESC. “The report has been beneficial to the Cuyahoga County ESC in providing information on practices and key factors in developing regional shared service models.”

“This is a conversation taking place in every region in the country,” added Hanover Managing Director Sid Phillips. “As budget shortfalls continue, states will need to collaborate with regional education agencies to provide guidance to local districts on how to navigate these troubling times. It’s also very telling when the discussion of ‘shared services’ is a featured topic at the national AESA conference held just a few weeks ago.”

The full report, entitled “Regional Service Sharing: Benchmarks and Examples,” is available to Hanover Research members in the Member Library.


Hanover Research, a membership-based organization, collaborates with over 100 local school districts, regional education agencies, and state departments of education across the U.S. The goal of Hanover is to provide additional research capacity to participating members at a fixed, annual cost. Areas of focus include: program evaluation; surveying, administration and analysis; interviews with issue experts; data analysis; competitive benchmarking; and literature reviews on both curricular and operational topics. Visit us at or contact Sid Phillips, 202-559-0049,, to learn more.


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